The Phoenix Society: Information Session Card

September 2011, Card advertising information session for club

The Phoenix Society

Dragon Day is a Cornell University event, where first-year architecture students build a dragon sculpture and parade it around campus.

The Phoenix Society, a cohort of engineering students has been the traditional rival of the architects since the 1980s. Historically, this rivalry has been characterized by pranks and violence.

A New Era

Although the violent era has been shed, The Phoenix Society has lagged behind the Dragon in quality and spectacle. The 2011-2012 campaign marked a re-branding of the Society for a new generation of engineers.

20 engineers (mostly freshmen) attended the information session, half of whom stayed on to design and build the phoenix sculpture. With the added success of a T-shirt campaign in the spring, the Phoenix Society is well on its way up from the ashes.

  • Inspirations

    • Mystery and elegance--B&W, smoky images and script
    • Novelty--4 different, "collectible" cards
    • Call to arms, reviving the rivalry
  • Process

    • Printed on heavy cardstock
    • Distributed in Duffield Hall (engineering atrium)
    • Developed in tandem with a colored poster and a temporary website.
  • Tools

    • Microsoft Publisher
    • Adobe Photoshop