Among B-Boys: A Taste of Hmong Culture

March 2012, Card advertising community event

Among B-Boys

Among B-Boys is a documentary film on Hmong youth and their involvement in Hip Hop culture through B-boying, a.k.a. Breakdancing.

Among B-Boys builds a meta-narrative comprised of the B-Boys families' refugee experiences, the origins of the Hmong B-Boy in the California Central Valley's B-Boy scene, and their navigation of secondary migration, higher education, family, and simply growing up.


This postcard was commissioned by Helen Lin of the UBreak at The University of Minnesota.

UBreak's mission is to provide an open and credible resource for students at the University of Minnesota willing to learn Breaking as a dance as well as a culture. UBreak aims to create a strong bond between the group and the B-Boy community in Minnesota.

  • Inspirations

    • Grunge, street, graffiti background
    • Graffiti-like title text evokes dance movement
  • Process

    • Printed on glossy postcards
    • Distributed in student mailboxes
    • Developed in tandem with a Facebook event page
  • Results

    • Event was attended by 150 students
  • Tools

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Indesign